Jay & Kelley Reapsome -  serving with CRU/Bridges International at Penn State

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for your intercessions for us and the students we continue to serve.  Due to security concerns we will not hear from most of the women Kelley shared about in our last letter until they are once again on American soil.  The Lord has put an impression of “caution” on her heart as situations at home are changing every day for them.  Please do continue to pray for these young women to know and love Jesus better and as a result, to grow in their desire to labor in the harvest… Beth, Cathy, June, Cindy and Sarah.

When Rose returned to State College from the Boston Conference we noticed a difference in her attitude and perspective about reaching others.  She began to see herself as a leader and took the initiative to set up a meeting with students and staff to plan outreach events to new international students arriving in June for summer classes.  As she shared her vision and ideas for ways to build friendships and connect with these new students we couldn’t help noticing the passion that God had put in her heart to help these students know Jesus.

As a volunteer in the summer new international student orientation, Rose met and befriended many of the new students who arrived in June.  She and Kelley took three van loads of students to a local retail store to purchase their supplies for dorm life on campus (sheets, a pillow, towels, a fan, a laundry basket, etc.).  Rose sees God opening doors to the hearts of these students as she loves them and she hopes to have spiritual conversations with them during the next few weeks.  Her new friend from India said she is already lonely and struggling to make friends…Rose is walking by faith and asking God to use her to reveal Himself to these students.

Rose will also work with the university’s New International Student Orientation program in August.  Through her position as a small group leader she will have contact with many of the 1,200 to 1,400 new students, but she will have some limitations to what she can do as a university employee.  Please pray for her to have God’s wisdom for how to effectively make connections with students and find those with spiritual interest!

Please also join us in praying for Rose during her mother’s visit over the next few weeks.  Her mother, a “seeker”, arrives on July 13th and will visit for six weeks.  Please pray as Rose balances time with her Mother and time with student friends.  Pray that her mother will put her faith in Christ (her father was the first one of the family to become a believer.)  Pray that Rose has opportunities to have conversations about God with her Mother and the students.  Pray that she will fall in love with Jesus more each day and depend on Him.  Pray that Christ is honored and revealed to others through Rose and ask God for lasting fruit.

Kelley and I are heading to Ft. Collins, CO on Friday, July 10th for our Cru 15 National Staff Conference.  Anna and Daniel will attend their own conference with the children of other Cru staff members.  Over the years it has been a wonderful place for them to make and reconnect with friends!  Please pray that this conference will be a time of refreshment in our relationships with the Lord and in our vision for His ministry with Cru!  Please also pray for Kelley’s health as she has been experiencing a lot of asthma lately and for safety as we drive over 3,000 miles in total.

We also want to welcome each of you who are new to our team of supporters.  Thank you for joining with us!

Thanks again for making it possible for us to take the Gospel to many who have never heard before!

Until the whole world knows,