Jay & Kelley Reapsome -  serving with CRU/Bridges International at Penn State


Dear Friend,

During our winter break a few weeks ago, God brought together over 800 students and visiting scholars from campuses across the U.S. to our Bridges International Vision 2015 Conference in Baltimore, MD.  Fifty-eight nations were represented among these students and scholars.  About half of these attendees were believers who received discipleship input and ministry training.

We’re so grateful for your prayers for these “seekers” and young believers as they encountered God’s Word and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  At least 23 individuals who heard the Gospel at the conference professed faith in Christ!  In addition, “seeds were planted and watered” in the hearts of many more.

Here’s what students proclaimed as they experienced the work of God in their lives: 

  • “If this story about the death and resurrection of Jesus is true, I’m willing to get on board regardless of the consequences.” --a student from India
  • “I used to think I was forgotten by God, now I believe He is with me. I used to think that Christianity was for other cultures, now I believe it is for me.” --a graduate student from China

One of my assignments for the conference was to assist with the small group discussions for the Chinese Trek (presentations to Chinese delegates in Mandarin and translated for the English speaking staff).  As in the past, the highlight for me during these four days was co-leading a small group in these discussions each evening after the last presentation.  I had the privilege of helping to lead a group of six undergraduate students.  Four of them were “seekers”.  By the last evening, they began to open up about their strong belief that God couldn’t exist because their scientific methods couldn’t prove His existence.

During our discussion we helped them to see that they already believed in things they couldn’t prove through scientific methods. We asked if they believed their parents loved them.  They quickly responded, “Of course!”  Then we asked if they could prove this love through their scientific methods.  After some time of silence they agreed that they couldn’t think of a way to prove that their parents loved them outside of seeing the effects of that love on them. An hour later, we transitioned to one to one conversations about the Gospel.  At the end of our conversation one of these students who had earlier resisted considering God’s existence proclaimed, “Thank you for sharing this with me.  I will keep this Gospel booklet with me and think about it some more.” Before we parted ways that last evening I asked if we could pray for this student.  She was grateful for our offer and appreciated us interceding for her to our heavenly father.  Isn’t it wonderful to have the opportunity to go before the God of the universe and intercede for lost people we meet?

Please pray with us for these students and scholars that the Lord allowed us to share the truth of the Gospel with.  Ask God to:

  1. Help the 23 young believers to grow in their new relationship with the Lord.
  2. To connect these new believers with other Christians who will encourage and help them to seek the Lord and study His Word.
  3. To cause the seeds that were planted in the hearts of the “seekers” to bring forth the fruit of saving faith.

Thanks again for making it possible for us to take the message of God’s love and forgiveness to many lost international students who are searching for truth, but have never heard the truth of the Gospel!

Until the whole world knows,