Jay & Kelley Reapsome

Serving with CRU/Bridges International at Penn State University

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for us during our “Wilderness Trek” adventure!!  We had a wonderful week of camping, hiking, fishing, white-water rafting and canoeing near and on the Appalachian Trail, often in less-than-ideal weather, which was overcome by fun shared experiences and blooming friendships.  Most of these students had “first ever” experiences.  It was their first time…white-water rafting, to see a wild black bear 50 yards from our tents, to hike on the Appalachian Trail or to catch a fish.  Lifetime memories were built by all.

For me, the best lifetime memories were the relationships that were built.  God opened a window into the lives of these students when they shared about their families, difficulties and hobbies.  This lead to lengthy spiritual discussions spawned by their questions and comments that came up during these conversations or during our Bible studies each morning.  The chance to share truth from God’s Word in response to their searching questions will always be what made this time worth the investment!

Wayne, a Law student, asked, “If God can do miracles whenever He wants to, why haven’t I ever seen a miracle in my life?”  During the discussion that followed this question we helped Wayne realize that miracles aren’t just the “big things” we read about in the Bible, but they can come in many small ways as well.  Afterwards, Wayne shared with us how he was beginning to see that God had been blessing him with “miracles” that had helped him several times in his life but which he had attributed to chance or luck!

Harry, a Chinese PhD - visiting scholar, asked why Jesus didn’t stay on earth longer after His resurrection so that all the people could see Him and believe.  We helped Harry see God’s perspective and purpose for Jesus’ departure in John 16:5-15.  Jesus explained that God’s plan was for Him to go to heaven and send the “Helper” (the Holy Spirit).  Then many others could experience the power of God guiding them to His wisdom and understanding and see His great power working through them.

These three Chinese scholars have already or will soon return to China to continue studying, working or teaching.  They had never considered the claims of Jesus before coming to America and they each asked serious questions about God, Jesus and the Bible.  Please pray for them to come to saving faith soon!  Though it is unlikely they will have any contact with Christians when they return home, our God IS a God of miracles!

Kelley and I will soon welcome new undergraduate international students to Penn State for their summer classes which begin at the end of June.  Please ask the Lord to open doors for developing many new friendships as we interact with these students during their first few weeks at Penn State and that we can resume these friendships after we return from our staff conference in Colorado.

Until  the whole world knows, Jay


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