The Lord has blessed us with a wise and gifted leadership team, many of whom were raised in this very church.


Ethan Swartz
Senior Pastor

K.C. Cockley
Youth & Children’s Ministries Director

Neil Hertzler
Worship Director

Andrew McMillen
Worship Tech Director

Emma Cockley
Administrative Assistant

Heather Smith
Administrative Assistant

Elder Board

Dave Swartz
Council Chairman

Nate Sheaffer
Elder Chairman

Clee McMillen
Elder Vice Chairman

Jesse Stone

Steve Hynes

Alex Stewart
Small Groups Coordinator

Steve Kowalewski

Neil Hertzler

Andrew McMillen
Worship Tech Director

Deacon Board

Tom Bell, Jr.
Deacon Chairman

Dan Bolze
Deacon Vice Chairman

Chad Coldren

Scott Reisinger

Chad Voorhees

Roger Kint

Charlie Daniel

Cain Stone

Reed Hoffman

Ben Seppanen

Austyn McLaren

Dave Reed