A Christian small group is an intentional, face-to-face gathering of people on a regular schedule with the common purpose of growing in their walk with Christ. We strongly support the formation of intergenerational small groups within the church.

What can Small Groups do for you and our church?

  • Friendships – Small groups can provide a place for deep and lasting relationships. A well-balanced small group allows each person to participate in everything from tears, spiritual discussion, fun and prayer. A perfect place to be yourself and trust one another.
  • Pastoral Care – In a small group, people learn to care for one another.
  • One Another – The phrase “one another” appears 44 times in the New Testament. Small Groups is a perfect place to encourage one another in these spiritual disciplines.
  • Assimilation – Statistics show that unless a new attender makes six friends in their first eight weeks at a new church, they probably won’t stick around. Small groups are the perfect way to introduce a new attender to new friends.
  • Leadership Development – Small groups allow more people to develop leadership skills.
  • Ministry Training – A small group is a safe place for someone to exercise their spiritual gifts. By learning to pray, study and apply the Bible, talk about their faith and care for others.
  • Spiritual Growth – The accountability, confrontation, encouragement and love from other group members brings our spiritual growth into the real world.
  • Evangelism – Small groups can bring people into the church the way no other program can. It is easy to invite a friend over to meet other friends and expose them to real people in a real setting.

Alex Stewart
Small Groups Coordinator