“Each of us stands alone before God in Jesus; we cannot look to our brothers or sisters for salvation. Yet God rescues us in community. We are brought into a family; we are being built together into God’s holy temple.”

Peter Hubbard

What is church membership?

We believe church membership is important but that church membership does not do anything to gain us standing or favor before God. Our acceptance before God is solely based on the work of Jesus Christ and our faith and trust in that work.

How do I become a CLC member?

We have the following requirements for those interested in joining the CLC family:

  1. Attend a New Attenders / Membership Sunday School Class (a class is held each spring)
  2. Read our Constitution and By-Laws
  3. Speak with an Elder or Pastor who will set up an in-person or telephone meeting in which the following topics are discussed:
    • Describe your salvation experience
    • Have you be baptized by immersion?
    • After having read the Constitution and By-Laws, do you have any questions?
    • Are you in general agreement with the Constitution and By-Laws and willing to abide by them?
  4. The results of that meeting are then brought before the next regularly scheduled Elder Meeting for approval.
  5. Those joining the church will be recognized as church family members at a future Sunday morning Worship Service.